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I see you

I see you crying at the kitchen sink

I see you wondering where your career has gone

I see you asking yourself how you are going to pay bills

I see you shouting at your children

I see you endlessly cleaning up

I see you trying to homeschool while a younger sibling does headstands on the table

I see you worrying about screen time

I see you getting tired of cooking yet another meal

I see you searching for the right words when people ask how you are

I see you comforting a crying baby

I see you struggling with loss of identity

I see you worrying about your family’s health

I see you laughing as your children play in the paddling pool

I see you smiling as some school work actually gets done

I see you showing them how to bake

I see you steadying the wobbly child on a bike

I see you making pavement art and music

I see you reading so many stories

I see you hugging and kissing a poorly knee

I see you teaching them how to share

I see you reminding them to look out for cars

I see you wishing the world was a better place

I see you doing your absolute best

In every one of the things I see

Photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon

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