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B'Opera To You

B'Opera To You brings our interactive baby operas to you! Whether you're a theatre, festival, library, museum, school or nursery, B'Opera can bring an extra special element to any project, occasion or celebration.

Alice and the
Library Tree

When her beloved library tree is shut down, Alice must face defeat, or come up with some solutions. Drawing on the books she's read and supported by an unconventional fairy godmother, she finds she has reserves of resilience, problem-solving and DIY roof repair skills!

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Hello Bird, Hello Fish!

Separated from her flock, Lost Bird is lonely and looking for a friend. Meanwhile, Noisy Fish is rejected by the shoal for fidgeting and talking when they want to do yoga in peace! Lost Bird and Noisy Fish bond over an Urdu lullaby they both learned as babies, and realise they have more in common than first meets the eye. 


Performances &

We are all professional musicians and perform concerts and recitals both together and with other organisations regularly. In our concerts, music is introduced in a fun and accessible way to bring the wonder of classical music alive. Our concerts are interactive and create a relaxed atmosphere where audience members, young and old alike, can all enjoy and appreciate the performance at their own level.

Let's work together!

Contact Zoe to book B'Opera for your next festival or event

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