Baby Operas

B'Opera creates fully immersive theatrical experiences which invite you to enter the magical world of the show. These wonderful musical journeys are interactive and bring you and your little one up close and personal with trained operatic voices, which will have you joining in and singing along!


What are

Baby Operas?

Always relaxed, our baby operas are designed to bring the beauty of live music to your little ones in a way they'll never forget. High quality live music performed in ways that capture babies and little ones’ imaginations – using sensory elements, light, fabrics, walkabout shows, decorated tunnels, snowstorms and audience participation in the form of dance and harmony singing. Expect them to be mesmerised!


  • 15 Mar, 10:30 – 11:10 GMT
    Join B'Opera's Zoë for an online musical treasure hunt.
  • Sat, 19 Dec
    19 Dec 2020, 10:30 – 11:30
    Christmas With B’Opera - an online Relaxed Concert, for little ones and their grown ups.
  • 11 Dec 2020, 10:00 – 10:40
    This First Songs with Zoë is all about Christmas - Christmas trees, snowmen, mince pies, Christmas pudding, you name it, we'll be singing about it. Bring your shakers and a scarf and join Zoë for some festive music! £5 per household and you get to watch it as many times as you like for a week!
  • 11 Nov 2020, 11:30 – 12:30
    St. George's Church, 1 Westbourne Cres, Birmingham B15 3DQ, UK
    A Relaxed Concert full of beautiful music and light, for little ones and their grown ups, with B'Opera’s Zoë, Jac and Phil.
  • Wed, 28 Oct
    St. George's Church
    28 Oct 2020, 10:30 – 11:15
    St. George's Church, 1 Westbourne Cres, Birmingham B15 3DQ, UK
    B’Opera is back, live and in person! Join Zoe, Jac and Phil for beautiful music from Brahms, Beethoven and Strauss, to name a few, as well as some B'Opera originals! Festivals of Light is a beautiful relaxed concert for you and your little pumpkins.
  • Sat, 22 Aug
    22 Aug 2020, 10:30 – 11:30
    "We're all going on a summer holiday!" This season we thought we would bring the summer holiday to you, B'Opera style! Join us on the 22nd August for our second online, live relaxed concert, on Crowdcast! Tickets are £7.50, we're looking forward to seeing you there 🙂
  • Sat, 15 Aug
    Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens
    15 Aug 2020, 11:00
    Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, 2 Chester Rd, Birmingham B36 9DQ, UK
    A Summery Relaxed Concert for little ones and their grown ups, with beautiful music from Zoe and Phil. Each booked group will have their own, socially distanced space, with plenty of room for each family to play and relax on the grass.
  • 27 Jun 2020, 10:30 – 11:30
    You bring the teddy bears and the picnic, we'll provide the music. Singing along optional but positively encouraged!

Frequently asked questions

How do I register for the course?

To register for the course, simply go to the Courses page (or click on the "I'm Interested" button) and click on the 'Register Now' button. You will just need to fill up some basic info and then you will be sent an email containing payment details. You will need to make the payment within 48 hours in order to complete your registration. There are limited spots in each course.

Do both parents need to attend the course together?

To have a healthy and happy family, it does take a lot of effort from both parents. It is always better to have a united front when implementing these tools to see effective results. Because we strongly encourage both parents to attend together, we are giving a 50% discount for one spouse if you both sign up together. Just click on Couple Ticket (qty: 1) on checkout. However, we do understand that there might be unique circumstances, and only 1 parent is able to make it. No problem! We commend your effort and greatly welcome you!

I am a single parent. Can I still attend this course?

A big resounding YES! The principles and tools learnt in this course can be just as effective if you are parenting alone. There are even some tips for single parents included in the participant manual.

I am a grandparent who wants to know more so that I can help raise my grandchildren. Can I attend this course?

In today's times, it is not uncommon for grandparents to be the main caregivers for the their grandchildren. As a caregiver, you may find the tools and principles in the course very helpful in raising your grandchildren in this new era. It sure would be a good idea to take this course to build your own knowledge.

Okay, this sounds good, but what if after attending and I find that it's not right for me?

If for some reason, you find that the course is not right for you, please inform the course facilitators within the first two weeks and we would be happy to give you a full refund minus the cost of the participant manual. That is our promise to you. We stand behind the courses!

This sounds like a course that would be suitable for someone I know. Can I give this course as a gift to someone?

That is a very sweet and thoughtful idea! All you have to do is to register the person's info in the registration form, but put your own email so we can send you the payment details to complete the registration. Kindly indicate to us in the space given on the registration form that you are giving this course as a gift to someone and provide the actual email of the person in that message. It's as simple as that!

What if I cannot make it for one or some of the days of the course?

One of the true beauty and treasure in this course is found in the discussions and sharing during the classroom sessions. We would strongly encourage you to attend all the sessions for the course, but if for some very important reason, you are not able to, you will need to catch up on the reading for the session on your own, as well as do the homework for the week. The facilitators will be available for you if you have any questions.

Will there be homework or assignments given?

The tools and principles taught in the course are really very effective! But they are only effective if they are put into practice. After each session, we believe that you'll be excited to practice what you've learnt on your own child. It's always encouraging when you come back with reports on how it went for you.

Will there be a certificate of completion given at the end of the course?

At the end of the course, we will organize a Grad Bash ceremony that you can invite your family and friends to so they can witness your graduation from the course you have attended. We know that attending a course like this takes tremendous effort and investment of your time and resource. That's why we would like to celebrate this achievement with you!

How much is the Parenting Toolbox course?

The course rate is RM800 per participant and is inclusive of the following: - Participant manual - 6 modules - 1 Parent Coaching session - Graduation ceremony - Certificate of Completion To encourage both parents to attend together, we are giving one spouse a 50% discount. The Couple course rate is RM1200. Just click on Couple Ticket and select qty '1' at checkout. Very often we parent-by-default -- we face the situations as it comes, using our own parents methods, or what we know best at that time. When you invest in a course like this, you are honouring your position as a parent and deciding to parent-by-design. You have a chance to choose where you want your family to head towards and be purposeful in your parenting. This kind of investment will definitely reap high returns -- not only for yourself, but for your whole family and for generations to come.

What are the topics covered in the course?

Session 1 Love is the foundation Session 2 Parents Session 3 Stronger, deeper, closer Session 4 Heart-led parenting Session 5 Discipline without shouting, force or fluster Session 6 Putting it all together

Who are the trainers of the course?

Each course will be facilitated by trained personnel authorised by the Parenting Place, New Zealand.

The course that I would like to attend is currently not available. How can I be informed when it is available?

To inform us about your interest in a particular course, please go to the Contact Us form and let us know your details and which course you would like to be updated about. When the course date is confirmed, we will send you an email to update you. Alternatively, if you have a minimum number of parents (8) and would like to start an exclusive group, you can also inform us and let's discuss on the possibility of running the course for you. This is subject to availability of facilitators.

If I can get a group together, can I arrange for a Toolbox course to be run exclusively for my group?

The minimum number of adults to run a course is 8 pax. If you have the minimum number of adults to run this course, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the possibility of running an exclusive course for you. This arrangement is subject to the availability of the facilitators, ya!

I've attended a Parenting Toolbox course before and I am interested to be a facilitator. Please advise.

If you have attended a Parenting Toolbox course, congratulations! You have passed the first requirement to being a facilitator. Please do contact us and let's discuss over a cuppa. More facilitators, means more courses, more courses means more families to benefit, more families benefiting means communities will benefit! Can you see the ripple effect? YES! Hope you are as excited as we are!

What is the duration of the Toolbox Parenting Course?

There are 8 sessions in the course. The first 6 module sesssions are 2 hours for each session. The following 2 sessions consists of a Parent Coaching session and a Grad Bash ceremony. So, essentially, this is an 8 week course.

Can my child/children be with me during the sessions?

The course is meant only for parents. In order for you to have complete focus and get the most of the sessions, we recommend that you make arrangements for your child/children to be cared for during that period.

I'm interested in the Parenting Toolbox course but I cannot afford it.

Our desire is that cost will never be a barrier for anyone. If you are unable to contribute in this way, please contact us for options.