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Hello Bird,
Hello Fish!

Commissioned by Art Works Hall Green and The Springfield Project, B’Opera’s children’s opera Hello Bird, Hello Fish! was created with and for the Springfield community, and the community’s voices, ideas and experiences are interwoven into the fabric of the story. It's hoping to take flight into the wider world soon.

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The Story

Separated from her flock, Lost Bird is lonely and looking for a friend.
Meanwhile, Noisy Fish is rejected by the shoal for fidgeting and talking when they want to do yoga in peace!
Lost Bird and Noisy Fish bond over an Urdu lullaby they both learned as babies, and realise they have more in common than first meets the eye. Their friendship is strengthened when Lost Bird rescues Noisy Fish from danger.

Join B’Opera for a musical adventure for children age 0-5 and their families, that celebrates finding friendship where we least expect it.

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Specialising in work with very young children, the B’Opera performers expect children to join in, move around and actively engage with the performance. They work sensitively to allow children to express themselves freely. This is what the arts are about, and what children do so well – that sense of flow and complete immersion in an experience. It’s what the arts offer to many of us as adults, an opportunity to step out of ordinary life and fully exist in a space where we can be a different version of ourselves, where we feel alive in a new way.

Sarah Robbins,
CEO Springfield Project

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Hello Bird, Hello Fish! 

Zoe workshop 3

Me and my child really enjoyed the show. I can't believe that he (22 month old) sat through the whole show without fussing. The singing was beautiful and the whole show was very engaging. Thank you for a lovely experience."

- Kiran and Amaan

"Amazing how without any words you can express so many ideas and emotions."                                       

- Audience member

"I felt happy about the show."                     

 - Aleena and Anayah

The story of lost bird and her attempts to make friends and find somewhere to belong was performed through a combination of opera, classical music, and specially composed pieces, including kazoos, beatboxing bees and a beautiful lullaby sung in Urdu. I know I wasn’t the only one with tears in

my eyes when Lost Bird and Noisy Fish recognised their connection and, using Makaton, expressed their friendship.

Sarah Robbins,

CEO Springfield Project


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