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Support Us

Covid-19 has been devastating to the arts sector. As a small independent company we have committed ourselves to learning new skills, so that we could keep sharing our work live where possible, in a Covid secure way, and to create digital performances and projects for our audiences to enjoy.  By supporting us financially you can help keep our work going and growing.

3 ways to help...


Whether you wish to be a B'Opera Friend or a B'Opera Angel, you will enjoy access to exclusive new song videos, digital resources and online 1st song sessions amongst other benefits. Your membership will help secure our future as we continue to navigate this post-pandemic world.


Donate Now

We need your support to reach new audiences, Donate today and your gift will help us to reach children in communities who might otherwise be excluded from having access to arts and culture. 


Spread the word!

A great way to support us is to join our mailing list and help us spread the word! Be the first to know about events and activities, get a glimpse behind the scenes of the company and share what you love with those you love.

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