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MotherVoice is a community created by B’Opera, for those who mother, to gather and share experiences, then transform them into music.


We plan to make an opera about birth journeys. Traumatic or serene, "natural" or full of intervention, empowered or frightening, these journeys are epic voyages from one world to the next for us and our babies, that deserve reflection and unpacking.

Art is a way of seeing ourselves reflected and making sense of our lives. So it is important that we see ourselves in it.

How often do you see your experience of mothering/parenting reflected in the art around you? How often do your little ones see themselves?

If you're like me, you may answer "not enough" or "not at all".

MotherVoice has been the first step on this journey. It's been a space without expectation or judgment for those of you who mother to come together, journal in response to prompts, and turn what you uncover into a lullaby for your child. Creative and nurturing a space where you're invited to come as you are, whatever that looks like for you.

These events are for anyone who mothers. Children are warmly welcome, though not obligatory! We journal and share stories. They are designed to be  nurturing spaces where your voice can be heard.

Click below to be notified about MotherVoice creative journalling sessions.

Zoë x

photos by Vanisha Adatia Creative

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