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We need your child's voice!

I've spent my whole life in one way or another "finding my voice", and most of my working life helping others to find theirs, and it bothers me deeply that there are groups whose voices we don't listen to. One of these groups is babies and toddlers. And during this experience they have lost a great deal more, including the gatherings they went to with familiar people, sounds, smells, sights, toys, and much loved elderly relatives who doted on them... 

My response to this is to create a short animated film to explore the separation of babies and toddlers from their older relatives. It's a story for our times and a place for the voices we don't hear. What's unusual about this project is that the soundtrack will be made up of your little ones' voices. If you'll send them to us, that is! Read on for more details.

Call out :

Would you like to lend B’Opera your little one's voice to be part of 'Stolen Moments'?

Just record a sound file of your child - any length, and on your phone is fine - ideally we are looking for babies, toddlers and under 5s. They might be crying, babbling, singing, laughing, shouting... it doesn’t matter. It’s their voice we are interested in. Composer Chloe Knibbs will be making a soundtrack to the film using these recordings. Email the sound recordings to or message Zoe through the B'Opera Facebook page.

I’m also really interested in hearing about experiences of your little ones being separated from their older relatives - grandparents, great grandparents etc. You might ask these relatives what they feel about it and jot down a few words they use? You might have a picture of your little one “speaking” to a grandparent on Zoom or FaceTime or through a window... If you are a grandparent, you might be able to tell me something about your experience.

Deadline for voice files Friday 5th June - but as soon as you can, please.

Thank you! I can’t wait for you to see what your small people’s voices will create.

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