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Do you •really• want to give them more single use plastic this Christmas?

We believe that, like us, you want to leave a planet worth living on for our babies and toddlers. So do you really want to give them more single use plastic this Christmas?

According to Wildlife and Countryside, around 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown away and not recycled in the UK this Christmas. One of Britain’s top waste and recycling companies estimates that there are 16.5 million advent calendars containing single-use plastics out there this year, which will be impossible to recycle and will end up either burned or dumped in landfill. 16 and a half million advent calendars – laid end-to-end they would stretch from London to the North Pole – that’s an awful lot of used calendars going into the bin once the Festive Season ends!


Thankfully we have a solution that will feed their hearts, minds and spirits, not landfill.

25 days of beautiful music that you can share together over and over again creating a lasting bond and beautiful memories. Introduce them to your favourite Christmas music and open their ears to new songs throughout Advent - all for the price of 4 cups of coffee. If that doesn’t represent incredible value while looking after the planet, we don’t know what does!

You have only 7 days left to get the B'Opera Musical Advent Calendar at the early bird price of £12.50. Hurry over and get one for yourselves, and wrap up some presents for friends' and families' little ones while you're there.

Click here to snap up your B'Opera Musical Advent Calendar

Youngest reflecting on our Earth at the Gaia installation at Coventry Cathedral this weekend

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