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Coronavirus - Metamorphosis, Resurrection and Transformation

Happy Easter, B’Opera Lovers,

I opened the garden waste bin to put some chopped branches in, and a beautiful orange tip butterfly fluttered and flew out. It must have emerged from its chrysalis in the isolation of the dark bin and waited for its moment. Those who celebrate Easter will have been thinking about Resurrection. And I and others who have had a brush with (suspected) Covid will possibly be transformed in other ways.

Our thoughts are with you all, however this situation is affecting you - those of you who have been bereaved, those of you who are ill, those of you worried about loved ones, those who’ve lost their income, those struggling to cope with the relentless task of parenting little ones, those who have lost the ability to meet friends and go to classes, those struggling with depression. There are many sorts of struggles going on behind closed doors. And if you’re enjoying the staycation at home, that’s wonderful too.  

I'm bringing you online First Songs classes on Mondays and Thursdays at 10.30 so that for half an hour at least you can enjoy a hot drink while your little ones soak up the music.

Stay well. And keep singing.

Zoe x

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