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"Sing in the New Year" Challenge

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Our FREE 7 day singing challenge starts on 10th Jan, and is designed to get you singing and making music with your babies with 1 simple prompt a day for 7 days. You can start the new year by creating daily musical routines with your little one that feel joyful and fun.

Influenced by X Factor culture, we live in a society that's scared to sing for fear of being less than perfect. We're taught to worry we're not good enough or that we'll be laughed at. "Just mime, be quiet, don’t sing, you’re tone deaf"… the negative messages around using our voices are endless. Meanwhile we are depriving ourselves and our babies of the joy of one of the simplest, cheapest, easiest and most powerful things in the world. Music. And in particular, singing. After all, if you can speak, you can sing.

Your little one loves the sound of your voice. They have been hearing it since they were in the womb and it is literally the best sound in the world to them. Hearing it hardwires them for all kinds of success and positive stuff in their lives.​

Internalising the negative messages and remaining quiet may be what most people do, but I don’t think you’re here to be like most people. I think you’re here to live your best version of parenthood and share love, joy, art and beauty with your small person.

So I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s get started!

"Sing in the New Year" is a FREE challenge where parents and carers come together in a supportive space to cheer each other on as they take small steps towards leading a more creative, musical life.​

I'm B'Opera Zoë, mum of two, professional musician, trained educator, and co-Founder and Director of B'Opera Baby Opera Company. I trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, worked for eight years as singing teacher and choral director at Junior Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. and I work regularly for Welsh National Opera education department.

You'll be getting all my expertise for FREE as I guide you through each day with videos and prompts. All you have to do is show up, take action and reap the rewards!​

Sign up below, then make sure you join the "Sing in the New Year with B'Opera" Challenge private group on Facebook. Do click those three little dots and "Manage Notifications", and set to receive all notifications. See you on 10th January!

Zoë x

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