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B'Opera make beautiful music for young ears, through high quality, interactive musical experiences. Our aim is to make classical music available to babies, toddlers and their grown-ups of all backgrounds.

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Join us for A Musical Treasure Hunt on Crowdcast on Monday 15th March

Calling all explorers age 0-4 to join B'Opera Zoë for a musical treasure hunt!

Will we have to look far or will it be right under our noses?!

Pack your backpack, bring a picnic, pick up a magnifying glass if you like, but most of all, bring yourselves. See you there!

This fun 40 min session will be interactive and flexibly designed so that you can join in and find things that make music around your own home, or just watch and join in with the music if that suits your needs better.

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"Seriously, B'Opera saves our mornings." Polly, Mum to Nora

"It's fantastically sung, engaging and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. My daughter loved exploring all the sensory opportunities that the performers created and was captivated by the music/singing."


"I can hand on heart say that I think every child, everywhere, should have access to these sessions. They’re educational, fun and entertaining." 

Small House Big Trips

"B’Opera are inclusive, they want beautiful music to be enjoyed by all. Regardless of social status, money, ethnicity,  religion and any other factors, and this, to me, is beautiful in itself. "

Small House Big Trips

"The music, beautiful songs and warmest welcomes ignited something within me. Reminding me of the ‘more’ I have if I dig a little deeper. The restorative quality I felt from your performances has had a huge effect."


Sometimes it’s hard going to things as a woman of colour. You don’t know what to expect. I’m not Hindu but even the fact that you’re doing a Holi-themed session really impressed me.”

- Hippodrome attendee

Happy ears, big and small.


It was engaging and entertaining, professional and fantastic.

My son loved every minute.



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