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Making life sparkly again

This weekend, Youngest (4) spent £62 on the Kindle, Oldest managed to lob her shoes off a very high rock and we only found one of them, and together they got hold of a pot of very fine glitter and coated the house in it - I'm not even exaggerating. It's all over the TV, the toothbrushes, the beds, the floors. It's in our eyes, in our food, in our windpipes. It's everywhere. I'm alternating between being really cross and realising that in their creativity, they've found a way to make their lives all sparkly again.

We're hoping to bring a bit of sparkle to your lockdown with our first online Relaxed Concert on Saturday 27th June - Teddy Bear's Picnic. Pop it on the calendar and look out for more details. Keep singing! x

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