Baby Operas

We have written five operas for young audiences, all of which can easily be toured to schools, children's centres, churches, libraries... Each has a mix of classical music, folksong and nursery rhymes to introduce young ears to beautiful music. Our operas are;

    1. Zoom to the moon! 

    2. Sing a rainbow

    3. Animal Magic

    4. A Winter Tale

    5. Alice and the Library Tree



As professional musicians we perform concerts and recitals regularly, both together and with other organisations. Our concerts are interactive and create a relaxed atmosphere where audience members, young and old alike, can all enjoy and appreciate the performance at their own level. If you have a particular topic you need bringing to life, speak to us about how we can create the perfect concert to engage your young ones in new ideas.



Our most recent opera, Alice and the Library Tree was funded by Arts Council England and commissioned by FOLIO Sutton Coldfield in 2019. If you have a big idea for a show and you would like to talk to us about creating something new, get in touch. We're always open to new ideas and working with new people!

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